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Whilst browsing our product collection you will find that we use some basic style descriptions. Below we cover the particular features and various styles of our shoes and boots to help make your design & selection process much easier. Further information about the variety of possible finishes can be found in our materials guide.



    The upper is the first part of the shoe to be made. The leather is cut into separate pieces and then sewn together to form the part of the shoe that covers the top of the foot.


    The sole is the exposed part of the shoe that separates our feet from the ground.

    05/PULL LOOP

    A fabric or leather loop is stitched to the inside of the top of the line to help pull the boot onto the foot.


    The eyelets are the small, circular pieces of metal that the laces are thread through.


    The welt is a strip of PVC or leather material that is stitched around the bottom of the shoe and joins the upper to the sole.

  • SHOES /


    Gibson Shoes

    The Gibson shoe is characterised by the eyelet facing being stitched on top of the vamp.

    Oxford Shoes

    In contrast to the Gibson, the eyelet facing on the Oxford shoe are stitched underneath the vamp.


    The Slipper is a slip-on shoe with no eyelets.


    Similar to the Slipper, a Loafer is a slip-on shoe with no eyelets, although in contrast to the plain style of the Slipper, the Loafer features an apron, with a combination of saddle, fringe and/or tassel.

    Monk Shoe

    The Monk shoe is another style with no lacing, instead featuring one or two buckles.

  • BOOTS /


    Derby Boots

    Similarly to the Gibson shoe, the Derby boot also features its eyelet facings stitched on top of the vamp.

    Chelsea Boots

    Also known as Dealer boots, Chelsea boots are pull-on ankle boots with no eyelets. They feature an elastic panel at the side.

    Chukka Boots

    The Chukka boot is an ankle high boot featuring either 2 or 3 eyelets.

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