NPS Shoes X Clarks Desert Boot

August 13, 2015


The Independent ran a feature of nine of the best English-made men’s shoes and in their selection they included the Desert Boot we produced for Clarks.

As the last remaining private-label footwear manufacturer in the UK, NPS Shoes was the logical choice for Clarks to collaborate with to manufacture a limited edition Desert Boot to commemorate their 65th anniversary.

Clarks are synonymous with Desert Boots since Nathan Clark launched the original Desert Boot in 1950. The anniversary release encompasses the very best of British craftsmanship which relies a traditional method of shoe construction: veldtschoen.

The Desert Boots feature the original sand Cordova Velour 2mm suede supplied by Charles F Stead & Co. Ltd and replicate the distinctive orange stitch down detail. Each of the 1950 pairs are hand-Mie-Pack-wooden-backdrop-cropped003numbered and come with spare leather laces in a limited edition pack. Each Made in England set comes with an exceptionally crafted pair of socks by TRiCKETT of Lancashire and an exclusive crepe suede cleaner in the shape of the Desert Boot’s iconic fob in Sheffield Steel, created by Mamnick.

Watch the short video of the production of the Desert Boot at NPS Shoes